Jesus Our Shepherd
John 16:12-15
Trinity Sunday

“In doing this the Spirit will give glory to me, for the Spirit will take what is mine and reveal it to you. Everything that Abba God has belongs to me. This is why I said that the Spirit will take what is mine and reveal it to you.”

Jesus said to his disciples, “I have much more to tell you, but you cannot bear to hear it now. When the Spirit comes, you will be guided into all truth. Just as I do not speak on my own initiative, neither does the Spirit. What you hear will be what the Spirit hears; and the Spirit will declare to you the things that are to come.

Homily for 06 June 2004
Fr. Bob Scanlan

Today we celebrate one of the great beliefs of our faith: the Holy Trinity. Going back to the beginning of our Church great theologians and scripture scholars have tried to explain what we mean by the Trinity, 3 persons in one God. We have referred to the Trinity as God the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit. Many of us use this Trinitarian formula as we begin our praying. We use this Trinitarian formula for our Baptisms and will use this for the Baptism this morning of Gage and Sydney Zielinski.

As with many teachings and beliefs of our church the belief in the Trinity has had many people all weighing in with their theories. There were many theologians from the 3rd to the 12th century who tried to explain the Trinity. 10 different Councils all issued pronouncements on the Trinity. Finally in 1215 A.D. the Fourth Lateran Council declared, “There is only one true God…Father, Son and Holy Spirit: three persons indeed but one essence, substance or wholly simple nature:…the Father generating, the Son being born, the Holy Spirit proceeding; consubstantial, co-equal, co-omnipotent and co-eternal; one origin of all things: the Creator of all things visible and invisible, spiritual and corporal.”

We have used examples like the 3-leaf clover: 3 burning matches all 3 sharing the same flame but have distinct stems. Some have even tried to dispel the concept of a Creator God by using the “Big Bang” theory. Who or what created the elements that went “bang”?

This morning I want to view Jesus Our Shepherd as a Trinitarian Community. God as Father/Creator. To create is to make from nothing; or to re-make from various parts a new reality. 4 years ago JOS did not exist! The various elements of JOS existed in various parts of this area but were not joined to the existing community. Innovation, love, desire, and passion created JOS. Much like the Creator God created our world.

God the Son, Redeemer, Savior has redirected our energies to what is most important. He has challenged us in every facet of our life. God the Redeemer spent his whole life with us on earth showing and explaining to us that we are redeemed by the very fact that we are daughters and sons of a loving God; to whom he referred to as God the Father. Author and speaker Jack Shea in a talk we heard during this past Lent kept mentioning “What matters?” Do we not as a community constantly challenge each other with that question, “What matters?” Do we not redeem each other? Have we not heard that we are to be Christ to each other? To try to enable each other to be the best person we each can be? To show each other the way? God the Son/Redeemer was among us to fullfil the law and the prophets. Jesus the Redeemer showed us the way. By being Christ for each other, we show each other the way.

God the Holy Spirit/Visionary. We often hear of the Holy Spirit as referred to as Love; the Love that the creator God and the Redeemer God have for each other and is shared with us as a reminder of the Love they have for each one of us. This is often referred to as “unconditional love”. What would your life be like if you KNEW that every person you know loved you unconditionally and that you loved every person you know unconditionally? JOS is noted for “front door love!” Once you walk in the front door at JOS you know you are loved! The aspect of Love at JOS is almost palpable.

JOS is a Trinitarian Community! You create the presence of God in this community and with each other. You redeem each other by your sacrifice and challenge to be the best person you can be. You share the unconditional love with and for each other.

Our trinitatrain God does exactly the same for us.