Jesus Our Shepherd
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We are an independent community celebrating Eucharist together in an historic rural church. We live the Gospel mandate of love as bet we can. We invite everyone to Communion no matter one's life circumstances.

We welcome newcomers and children warmly. Using our time, talent and treasure, we reach out in solidarity to others in need.

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Community Events
(All Liturgies begin at 9:30a unless otherwise noted.)

April 2014
  • Apr 27 2nd Sunday of Easter: Rev. Kathy Vandenberg presiding community sing, fellowship

May 2014
  • May 04 3rd Sunday of Easter: Rev. Francis Baiocchi presiding community sing, fellowship & community meeting;
  • May 11 4th Sunday of Easter: Rev. Kathy Vandenberg presiding community sing; fellowship
  • May 18 5th Sunday of Easter: Rev. Robert Weiss presiding community sing, fellowship
  • May 25 6th Sunday of Easter: Rev. Francis Baiocchi presiding community sing, fellowship

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We deeply appreciate your generous donation to the Jesus Our Shepherd community. Your donation will be used (1) to support outreach programs to help people in need or (2) to defray rent and heating costs for our use of the Nenno church building.

No one in our community receives a salary or stipend for their service to Jesus Our Shepherd.

Weekly Bulletin
Two parts for the week of 20 April, 2014: part 1 | part 2

20 April 2014

Easter Sunday

Darkness to Light is a long hard journey. We have experienced times when there is darkness enfolding around us so we cannot see. Sometimes when there is a death of a loved one.

13 April 2014

Palm Sunday

You may recall a film a few years ago by Mel Gibson entitled The Passion of the Christ. It drew a lot of attention, especially in Christian faith communities, because it focused upon the horrible suffering, physical torture and emotional pain endured by Jesus in his last hours.

6 April 2014

5th Sunday of Lent

As hospital weekend chaplain at Waukesha Memorial Hospital, I see many, many patients and their families in the last few hours of their life.


Bishop builds bridges of all kinds after Congo's long war

James J. Carney John J. O'Keefe

Bishop Nicolas Djomo lives in the small town of Tshumbe in the middle of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Money Anger

Kristine Ward

We hope with all our hearts that the aggravation and outrage that Catholics have poured into emails, letters and any other avenues of speaking up and out they used in Atlanta are the beginning and not the end of their involvement in what ails the Roman Catholic Church.

Cardinal O'Malley's homily at the Lampedusa

Cardinal O'Malley

'As a nation of immigrants we should identify with other would-be immigrants; our system is broken and causing untold suffering'

We are an Easter people

Peg Ekerdt

For many years, I kept a note card on my refrigerator that proclaimed the message: "We are an Easter people." I received the note from a parishioner, a mother of 13, grandmother of more, who was living with an advanced stage breast cancer at the time the card was written.

Risen and transformed

Roger Karban

Many of us learned in grade school religion classes that Jesus' resurrection was simply God's seal of approval on everything Jesus taught and did.

The nature of God

Patricia Datchuck Sánchez

In his essay "The Signature of Jesus," Brennan Manning passes on the story of an elderly man who meditated every morning under a big tree on the bank of the Ganges River (Multnomah Pub., 1996).