Jesus Our Shepherd
Praying In The Back Of The Mind
Fredrick Zydek, U.S.Catholic

There are prayers that slip between our
sacred urges and go into the dark places
we dare not name. They are with us
even when we are not looking for them.

They help us pray without ceasing, light
the alleyways and corridors of our
subconscious, the willowy memory files
we keep locked up ever so tightly only angels

and God can find them. These prayers
wear white robes, hold votives that shed
bits of light in the darkened cathedrals
of the travel-weary and soothe the sacred

savage like wind chimes set into motion
by a sudden breeze. These prayers
invite us to take our cup of grace and drink
it bottoms-up, to celebrate what we can

and carry the rest into that mulling-over
place where wounds still seek their healing,
the shape of the body its moment in the sun
and our greatest fears a day of honest rest.